Nowadays, new machines and robots are developed faster than ever before. The market is expected to grow substantially owing to factors such as high demand from the medical and healthcare sector, increased usage of robots for education and research purposes and in a variety of other areas such as defense and agriculture. This evolution has already been existing for a longer period of time, due to scarcity of skilled workers and general progress in robot technologies. However, post-COVID, the market situation has changed significantly. According to current forecasts, the expected expansion will be achieved well before the anticipated time.

What it is

NEXT Protocol is an upcoming blockchain-based platform designed to provide a software for real robots from different manufacturers as well as virtual robots via Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). NFTs are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, the digital database on which cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are built. NFTs are unique and not mutually interchangable, which means no two NFTs are the same. NEXT Protocol is bringing all the benefits of decentralization and NFTs to the robot world, to help make swarm robotic operations more secure, flexible, autonomous and profitable.

There are multiple options and use cases for NEXT Protocol. NEXTiBOT, driven by NEXT Protocol by default, is aiming to replace human assistants to reduce personal interaction, for example connecting with clients and staff to exchange data and allowing telepresence to collaborate while remaining separated, which is crucial considering the current scenario due to COVID. These robots can be fractionally owned by investors through purchasing the corresponding Robot NFTs. Those investors will get profit proportional to their owned share and the revenue the robot generates.

Additionally, NEXT Protocol is bringing Artificial Intelligence applications and Robot Games to its users. Those can be customized by request. Using the NEXT Protocol platform, creators and engineers can also design and deploy their own virtual robots, robot costumes, add-ons or accessoires, virtual worlds for different games, avatars, and many other things, via templates or on their own. Through the Robo-NFT-Marketplace, it will be possible to buy, rent and sell the created templates, features and updates.

NEXTiBOT, the robot powered by NEXT Protocol, has been launched by Next IT and Systems. It is more advanced than its predecessor Greet-iBot (greeting and guiding visitors), Safe-iBot (measuring temperature and taking care of patients), Ster-iBot (sterilization of workplace), and Cary-iBot (delivery and carrying office or personal stuff). These no-contact solutions have been in a massive demand during this global pandemic. It is a fully functioning robot that fulfills the duty of limiting human interaction but gives customers all the necessary information, and enables telepresence for users to work together while establishing distancing. It is self-aware, equipped with multiple sensors and a camera, can be controlled touch- or voice-based through speech recognition, and can do auto-navigation. NEXT Protocol will also be providing mobile apps with a feature for integrated home automation (“Internet Of Things”).

Why we believe in it

Next Protocol is backed by NEXTUAE, a 10-year-old reputable software company located in the arab emirates which is serving many locally well-known clients. Customers include the ADNOC group of companies, Yahsat, Arabtech, Lulu and more.

Needless to say, robots are already playing an important role in our world, and their vast development will continue in the future, enabling them to perform many more – often dangerous and exhausting – taks that were initially done by humans. At the moment, they are controlled and owned in a centralized manner. Whilst Bitcoin and Ethereum may be able to revolutionize the financial system, NEXT Protocol has the potential to revolutionize the robot world by introducing the blockchain as a storage device of ownership information and as a platform to control them. Many robots are too expensive to afford for an individual or even for a small company, therefore, it makes sense to spread the cost and also the revenue amongst a larger crowd of investors.

We are investing in NEXT Protocol because we believe they will achieve their goals and will be able to create the first widely-adopted platform connecting robotics with the blockchain.

How to take part

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The NEXT token is currently not listed on exchanges. After finishing the currently ongoing private investor onboarding, there will be an IDO, and an exchange listing will follow. Keep watching the pinned messages in the telegram group for details.