What is one of the first questions you ask yourself when looking for a new project to invest in?

Does this solve a world problem…? Right?!

For PANGEA Ocean CleanUp, the answer is simple: Yes, it does!

What it is

PANGEA Movement is a company and ecological movement on a mission to clean up the world.

By buying their token “POC” you help provide the funds needed to place barriers in polluted rivers that blocks trash from flowing into the oceans and as an investor you also get rewarded for that.


Coin holders are rewarded with 5% of all the transactions.

5% Auto Liquidity:

Every trade contributes to an ever-growing liquidity pool, increasing coin scarcity and ensuring that higher trade volumes can be sustained.

Auto Burn:

Every barrier that is placed, burns a certain number of tokens. The more barriers are placed, the more scarcity is created.

Why we believe in it

Climate and environment are maybe two of the hottest topics these days. The way we keep seeing this community and the team behind the project’s participation is extremely rare in today’s crypto-space, and there is no better combination than between crypto and charity. The marketing team is doing an amazing job and the project is already actively bringing the solution to this worldwide problem every day, with more than 40 clean-ups already in 10 countries.

We are investing in $POC because we believe they are a first-class example of how a token can contribute to solve a real-world problem. They have already proven that they deliver on their promises, and we believe they will achieve more goals in their journey to come.

How to take part

Official Telegram Group:



Introduction video on YouTube:

How to buy $POC:

The $POC token is listed on Keep watching the pinned messages in the telegram group for details on further developments in this project!

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