“Crypto Party” is a collective of like minded crypto-enthusiasts who met each other somewhere in the crypto-hemisphere.
What started with some small talk about crypto and sharing thoughts about coins, tokens and trading in our own private telegram group resulted in what you see in front of you here.

As everything in the world evolves, so did our little group.
From casually chatting about crypto we soon discovered that each of us had some very unique yet compatible capabilities, often backed by our education and professional abilities.
At present, we can proudly proclaim that we have our own Technical Analysis/Signal channel; “The Analyst”, a crypto-trading bot; “DollarBot”, several people researching new and interesting crypto projects and our very own PR-lady whom happens to be the founder of this community.

With this project we wish to share our experience and knowledge with the world, no matter if you are totally new to cryptocurrency, or if you are an experienced investor.

One for all, and all for the mass adoption of crypto!

The Crypto Party team