Installation instructions

Note: the bot is currently only available for a few selected beta testers. In the future, it will be available for ANALYST PREMIUM members.

1) Download the correct release from

choose the newest version

choose your architecture (linux-x86_64 for Linux Desktop, linux-armhf for Raspberry Pi, osx-x86_64 for MacOS or windows-x86_64 for windows)

Download the archive

unpack it to your home directory (On linux: do NOT unpack to /tmp, unpack to home directory)

2) Edit trading.ini config file

Open the unpacked dollarbot folder and look for a file called trading.ini

Open it in any text editor

Note: On windows: I recommend Notepad++ as text editor, install it here:

On linux, I recommend gedit: Open a terminal and execute the command: sudo apt install gedit

Now you need to change a couple of settings:

2.1) Create a telegram bot

In telegram app, contact @BotFather

start BotFather and execute the command: /newbot

BotFather will tell you all the information how to create a bot. You will need to select a valid username that ends with "bot".


BotFather will give you a bot token (it starts with numbers, then a : follows, then characters and a minus character also in between).
Append this bot token in your trading.ini file to the line "signal_bot_token="

change privacy mode to disabled

Contact @BotFather

Send the command: /setprivacy
Choose the correct bot, the one you just created.

Send the following message: Disabled

to disable privacy mode for your bot (so that he can read commands the group)

Set botfather commands:

Contact @BotFather again

Send the command: /setcommands
Choose the correct bot, the one you just created.

Then paste this text and send:

help - print this help text
hi - send greetings
pseudo_positions - view all open pseudo positions
positions - view all open real positions
pre_orders - view all pre orders
pseudo_orders - view all pseudo orders
orders - view all orders
shutdown - power the bot off
log - upload log file
reload_config - reload config.json
restart - restart the bot
update - update bot to the newest version
log_private - upload log without sending it to the bug report group

2.2) Get Telegram API key

go to and log in

Go to API settings and fill out the form to create a new API key

Select "Desktop" for application type. For everything else, just fill out something random it doesn't matter.

From the resulting page, you only need to find the following two parameters: api_id and api_hash (both are numbers).
Insert these in your trading.ini config after the lines "api_id=" and "api_hash=" in the section [telegram_bots].

2.3) Create a control group

In your telegram app, create a new group. Add the bot you created in step 2.1 to it. You can also add @eliashohl to help for debugging.

Then, you need to get the group id. Go to and log in

Note: You need to select "switch to old version" in the menu.

Search for your newly created group and open it.

Then, you need to get the group id from the URL. Look for the part in your URL that starts with the character "b"
Take all the characters between "b" and the underscore "_"
prefix it with -
This is your group id

Append your channel id to the line "control_channel=" in your trading.ini file in section [telegram_bots]

2.4) Add the uptime channel

In your trading.ini file, append -1001446108722 to the line "uptime_channel"

2.5) Add the bot channel

In your trading.ini file, append -1001450654065 to the line "bot_channel"

2.6) Get your Binance API key

Log in to binance and go to API settings

Create a new key. Make sure you have futures trading with your key ENABLED and withdrawals DISABLED

Copy your values to api_key and api_secret in your trading.ini file at section [binance_credentials]

2.7) Get a license key

DM @eliashohl to get a license key and add it after "key=" in section [licensing] in your trading.ini file

2.8) Agree to license

Read LICENSE.txt and set agree=true in section [licensing] in your trading.ini file

3) Edit config.json

3.1) Edit custom entries

Here you can set settings for a specific signal provider

you need to set "enable_futures": true,

to enable real trading on binance for a certain signal provider

"enable_spot" should always be false, spot trading not supported yet

max_futures_amount is the margin you use. This is a testing release, don't use large amounts of funds. I advise you to keep funds on your futures account small in general when testing this bot.
Just to be safe

You really need to take care of syntax. A missing comma breaks the whole config file


Double click the executable.

Bot should open a terminal and start.


Get yourself a beer and watch.


If you want to communicate with the bot, open your control channel you created in step 2.3 and write:




which will give you an overview of all the commands available.